Hey everyone, today’s post we will update you on what we have been working on, some information about 2nd beta map and an explanation for the prolonged break.


Changes Made

If you have been active in our Discord for some time, we have been discussing some of these ideas/changes that we had planned to make and are now committed to bringing to the server.


- Voting: The hope is we will see an increase in new players joining that are open to trying something new and different. The rewards planned as of right now will be Currency (Emeralds) and Crate Keys.

- 2 More Crates: One crate’s keys will serve as a daily vote reward (Common Crate) and the other’s keys will be given to supporter ranks which will serve as their /kit rewards.

- Supporter Ranks: As of right now the perks are rather lacking. Currently we simply have disguises, kits and homes. We have some other ideas to offer, but we will not be adding these before gathering community input first.

- Teleport Commands: Towards the end of beta v1 we began introducing teleport commands to ease transportation over long distances. We will be continuing this by keeping both /tpa and /tpahere, but reducing the warmups while keeping a cooldown in place. We will continue to not be allow TP commands while in combat or to enter event areas. Additionally we will be adding /spawn which will remove the need to use nether portals for transportation.

- More Portable Horses: We will be making regular saddles act as portable saddles which should make taming easier and overall cheaper.

- Abandoning Tier Based Defenses: This may seem confusing to some, but this whole system was the most inconsistent and bug ridden feature on the server. During our testing we discovered that in a lot of circumstances you could be clearly hitting your mark, but the damage would not register. The system would have required a complete overhaul. We understand however this will need a replacement of sorts and are open to any suggestions from the community.


Tribes Beta v2

As previously mentioned, we’d like to focus more on the normal faction player base because that’s where we have succeeded and WrathPvP always was. We will be testing the above changes and more in a 2nd Beta Map.

- Tribes Beta v2 Start: Saturday, July 1st @ 2:00PM EST


Long Break Explained

We had initially planned to take only a couple weeks off following the conclusion of the first beta map, but with personal conflicts of my own popping up and it being the end of the semester for some, the server had to simply be put on hold. I had been holding off on making this post until I was sure we were ready to move forward.


In Other News

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and continues to send well wishes for the server. There are still plenty of updates to come regarding what to expect changed for the 2nd Beta Map, but I’ll hold off on those until next Monday’s post :)

Chuby I won't be able to make it for SOTW, but good luck!

Hey everyone, today’s post will include information about Tribes Creative server, explaining of some balance changes, bugs we’ve fixed, and the status of the beta!


Tribes Creative

Back when the idea of Tribes was just being molded, the thought of offering a server to practice the mechanics was something we’ve always wanted to offer. Additionally, we’ve grown to dislike our creative server and how it was setup several years ago. Today I am proud to announce that we are ready to release a new and improved creative server! The server will act as a raiding/base building utility. WorldEdit is currently available to all users as well as TNT Launcher and TNT Launcher Ammo spawning. Grab a WorldEdit wand with “//wand” and spawn a launcher and ammo with “/kit launcher”.


Balance Changes

- Disabled Explosive Bleeding: What explosive bleeding actually means is when you would shoot a wall, you would not only do damage to the first layer, but also two layers behind it as well. This has disabled so now solid layers are much more viable.

- Increased Explosive Durabilities: This was a necessary buff for defenses. Raiding should not be a guaranteed profit. This change along with some other pricing changes we’ve recently made should hopefully offer more base security.


Beta Status

We are now a couple weeks into the beta and we have a lot of stuff being developed and issues on the server we feel need to addressed before continuing. We are going to pause the beta for now and evaluate our options before we re-open. The idea of a wipe has popped up and if we do decide to commit to a wipe, then we will happily reward all who’ve been actively playing for their much appreciated time and effort put into testing the server.


Update Notes

  • Disabled explosive bleeding
  • Increased Obsidian explosive durability (Now 8, was 6)
  • Increased Stone Brick explosive durability (Now 4, was 3)
  • Decreased max tribe size (Now 10, was 20)
  • Updated Divisions
  • Changed Conquest cap time (Now 20 minutes, was 30)
  • Changed Koth cap time (Now 10 minutes, was 15)
  • Added Starter Kit and First Join kits
  • Added /seen command
  • Cheaper Portable Horse Saddle (Now 10 Emeralds, was 25)
  • General anticheat improvements


In Other News

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has given the server a try so far. I’m very happy with the information and feedback I’ve been receiving. Last week we faced a crossroad for the server and this week we are committed to our path, and I’m confident we will succeed with the direction the server is going. Thanks again everyone and I hope to see you all on the server again soon™

Hey everyone, today I have some major news regarding the direction the server will be going, as well as bug fixes, balance changes and additions!


Server Direction

When first developing Tribes, the thought was the gamemode would cater to everyone simply because it's original. However being realistic now the server was clearly catered towards those seeking a very hardcore experience. Knowing this even before the start of beta, I failed to make the necessary changes that would cater the gamemode to the old Wrath community that I had been relying on to play during the beta. Now that's not to say everyone from Wrath doesn't enjoy hardcore gamemodes, but the general consensus from those I have spoken too is this is just too hardcore for their taste. Starting now, the server will be focused on making the best server possible for old Wrath players, and potentially regular faction players we'd like to add to our community.


Less Hardcore?

Although myself and others enjoy the hardcore components of the servers, I personally have to admit it can be harsh at times. What I think we can do is shift Tribes quite seamlessly from HCF-like to Faction-like. That's not to say I'd like to remove all the hardcore aspects and feeling there currently is and replace it with handouts, but I think we can improve by not making things as tedious and perhaps even a little more convenient.


Suggestion Form

If you haven't seen this form already, feel free to fill it out with your opinions on some of proposed ideas people have given for the server. Also if the context of the form didn't make sense to you when I sent it earlier, feel free to fill it out again. I don't agree with all of the ideas personally, but I can understand why some people might like to see them on the server. So let your voice be heard and if you have already filled out the form, thank you! https://goo.gl/forms/Suf4V6yBI9WcO7Uz2 


Community Spotlight

This week features @meat312’s video of him and his Tribe’s highlights of week one of the beta!


Update Notes

  • Enabled Enderchests
  • Removed /t home location in /t show, now only shows height (y) level
  • Reduced price of totem upgrades by 50%
  • Added /tpa and /tpahere
  • Added /tpa and /tpahere cooldowns and warmups.
  • Added Spawners for 32 Emeralds (Zombie, Skeleton & Cave Spider)
  • Added Melons and Pumpkins as sellable items in shop
  • Added Slimeball, Leather & Pumpkin as buyable items in shop
  • Cheaper Crowbar (Now 25 Emeralds, was 64)
  • Cheaper Miner Potions (Now 5 Emeralds, was 10)
  • Extended Miner Potion (Now 25 Minutes, was 8)
  • More Obsidian (Now 16 Obsidian per Emerald, was 8)
  • Less Iron Blocks for Emeralds (Now 3 blocks, was 6)
  • Less Lapis Blocks for Emeralds (Now 6 blocks, was 12)
  • Increased cost of TNT Launcher (Now 32 Emeralds, was 20)
  • Added pig spawner area to spawn
  • Made both water and lava buckets stackable
  • Changed private messages to stand out more
  • Reduced nether no build area from 125 to 100
  • Fixed creepers sometimes blowing up blocks in territory
  • Fixed pressure plates acting as land mines in enemy territory (Thanks Boozny)
  • General anticheat improvements


In Other News

Along with the necessary changes made to improve Tribes, we have also been working hard on getting a Tribe’s Build/Practice server setup. On there you will be able to use WorldEdit to design bases as well as raid those bases with the TNT Launcher, but of course only in plots you own or have been added to. We expect to see this server up and ready for everyone to use as they wish sometime between now and next week’s post. Thanks again everyone for the continued support and I’ll see you on the server!

Boozny Excited to see it in action!