Gamemode Summary:

Tribes is very similar to hardcore factions, but has slight differences. Land claiming is done with a Totem block. Where you place your totem is where your Tribe's home is set. Totem blocks can be purchased from villagers in spawn.

Each Tribe can only have 1 totem placed and it defaults to 1 land, a single claim. Totems can be upgraded with Emeralds to increase land claim radius. Emeralds are the main currency, but do not spawn in the world. Trade resources for Emeralds with villagers in spawn.

Tribes also introduces a raiding system. In place of the growingly buggy and inconsistent tnt cannons in minecraft, we introduce a TNT Launcher item that simplifies and actually shoots accurately with ease. Raiding is also much more straightforward. When raiding, you will be aiming for the enemy tribe’s totem and once it's destroyed, all the land it had claimed becomes unclaimed.

Custom Features:

- Emerald Exchange: Sell resources for Emeralds and transfer Emeralds to complex items such as Crowbar, Miner Potion, Portable Horse Saddle, TNT Launcher and more.

- TNT Launcher: Purchased from Emerald Exchange, receive a Custom Bow that may be used to launch TNT Arrows (crafting recipe) that can and will be used to destroy everything in its path.

- Portable Horses Saddle: Purchased from Emerald Exchange, a Custom Saddle that may be used to store a tamed horse once placed then removed from a horse’s back. Spawn the horse again by right-clicking with the saddle in hand.

- Totem Land Claiming: No deaths till raidable and no power system. Land is claimed using the Totem block. Every Tribe is limited to a single Totem. Where the Totem is placed is where your Tribe’s home is set (/t home). Default Totem claims a single 16x16 chunk of land. Expand your territory by upgrading the Totem with Emeralds.

- Tribes Raiding: Using the TNT Launcher and TNT Arrow combination, Tribes may aim to destroy another Tribe’s totem. Upon the totem’s destruction, all the land it once claimed becomes unclaimed.

- Deathbans: Upon death players are temporarily banned from logging back in for up to 90 minutes.

- End World: Tribes features a end that is customized from vanilla Minecraft. The end has spawners such as slimes, enderman and creeper spawners that any player can farm for resources.

- End Portal: In each quadrant around spawn End Portals are located (x:1000 y:1000, x:-1000 y:1000, x:1000 y:-1000, x:-1000 y:-1000). The only way to exit the end is by exiting through the end exit portal. The end exit will teleport you close to spawn in the overworld. Players may also make their own end portal by buying the blocks in spawn.

Map Kit:

Tribes features limited enchants and potions to enhance the PvP experience on the server. Currently you can type /kit while on the server to view a preview of the limited enchants.

Enchant Limits
- Armor: Protection 1, Unbreaking 3

- Sword: Sharpness 1, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3 (Fire Aspect 2: Crate Reward)
- Bow: Power 2, Unbreaking 3, Infinity 1 (Flame: Crate Reward)

Disabled Enchants
- Armor: Fire, Blast & Projectile Protections

- Sword: Knockback
- Bow: Punch

Allowed Potions
- Buff: Instant Health 2, Speed 2, Fire Resistance (extended)

- Debuff: Poison (not extended), Slowness (not extended)

Disabled Potions
- Buff: Regeneration, Strength, Invisibility

- Debuff: Instant Damage, Weakness