Hey everyone, today’s post will include information about Tribes Creative server, explaining of some balance changes, bugs we’ve fixed, and the status of the beta!


Tribes Creative

Back when the idea of Tribes was just being molded, the thought of offering a server to practice the mechanics was something we’ve always wanted to offer. Additionally, we’ve grown to dislike our creative server and how it was setup several years ago. Today I am proud to announce that we are ready to release a new and improved creative server! The server will act as a raiding/base building utility. WorldEdit is currently available to all users as well as TNT Launcher and TNT Launcher Ammo spawning. Grab a WorldEdit wand with “//wand” and spawn a launcher and ammo with “/kit launcher”.


Balance Changes

- Disabled Explosive Bleeding: What explosive bleeding actually means is when you would shoot a wall, you would not only do damage to the first layer, but also two layers behind it as well. This has disabled so now solid layers are much more viable.

- Increased Explosive Durabilities: This was a necessary buff for defenses. Raiding should not be a guaranteed profit. This change along with some other pricing changes we’ve recently made should hopefully offer more base security.


Beta Status

We are now a couple weeks into the beta and we have a lot of stuff being developed and issues on the server we feel need to addressed before continuing. We are going to pause the beta for now and evaluate our options before we re-open. The idea of a wipe has popped up and if we do decide to commit to a wipe, then we will happily reward all who’ve been actively playing for their much appreciated time and effort put into testing the server.


Update Notes

  • Disabled explosive bleeding
  • Increased Obsidian explosive durability (Now 8, was 6)
  • Increased Stone Brick explosive durability (Now 4, was 3)
  • Decreased max tribe size (Now 10, was 20)
  • Updated Divisions
  • Changed Conquest cap time (Now 20 minutes, was 30)
  • Changed Koth cap time (Now 10 minutes, was 15)
  • Added Starter Kit and First Join kits
  • Added /seen command
  • Cheaper Portable Horse Saddle (Now 10 Emeralds, was 25)
  • General anticheat improvements


In Other News

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has given the server a try so far. I’m very happy with the information and feedback I’ve been receiving. Last week we faced a crossroad for the server and this week we are committed to our path, and I’m confident we will succeed with the direction the server is going. Thanks again everyone and I hope to see you all on the server again soon™