Hey everyone, today I’m happy to provide the first Tribes Update post for you all. These will be regular updates made to keep you all informed on what changes are being made to Tribes. We will begin strong with a brand new system unique to Tribes as well as the expected bug fixes.

Introducing Tribe Points and Divisions

What are you Tribe Points?

Tribe Points are the measure of success throughout a map’s life cycle. Typically on survival servers, the only measure of a team’s success is an end of the map event which is simply not enough. With Tribe Points, every event carries a predetermined point value and the winners receive these points in addition to the expected event rewards (Event Keys). These Points will not be a form of currency you save up and pay for in game items with, they will instead be used to determine the winners of each map!

How do I get Tribe Points?
Points will again be granted when an event is won. Weekly/Special events will give more points than Daily events. In addition to earning points by winning events however, you may also choose to steal points. Stealing points goes hand-in-hand with the Tribe’s Raiding System. When you raid another Tribe and destroy their Totem, your Tribe will take 10% of that Tribe’s total points! For example:

Team A wins a daily event (20 points)
Team B raids and destroys Team A’s totem (2 point)
Team A (18 points) -- Team B (2 points)

What are Tribal Divisions?
Usually on survival servers there can only be one winner and often are simply the bigger teams. While we appreciate larger teams that coordinate, we feel something needs to be done for smaller teams to have something to work towards too. With that in mind we will be introducing Tribal Divisions. You probably already noticed that your Tribe has been automatically assigned to a Division and this is simply based on your Tribe size. If you have 10 or less members, you are assigned to the 10 Man Division and if you have ever had more than 10 members, you are assigned to the 20 Man Division. Once you enter an advancing division, you will not be able to return to a lower one. This system is expandable as well. If in the future we wish to have 5 Man or even a Solo Division, we can do so with no trouble.

Community Spotlight

Every post we’ll take some time out to feature some community member’s videos, screenshots or streams. This week we have @Boozny and the first part of his Tribes Let’s Play


Update Notes

  • Added Tribe Points and Divisions (/t points & /t points <tribe>)
  • Added Tribe Leaderboards (/t leaderboard & /t leaderboard <division #>)
  • Added Cosmetic Crates to spawn and Cosmetic Crate Keys to store.
  • Fixed being able to open 1.8 doors in enemy tribe territory (Thanks Joost117)
  • Fixed being able to open 1.8 fence gates in enemy tribe territory
  • Fixed levels randomly being stolen while enchanting (Thanks Eliciana)
  • Fixed incorrect level amounts being taken on 1.7 versions (Thanks Comedy_)
  • Fixed link signs so they actually send links
  • Fixed a major sign typo inside spawn by mrbuddy13 (Thanks Chuby)
  • Removed start of the world grace period, good luck
  • Updated koth schedule to include Saturday & Sunday events
  • General anticheat improvements


In Other News

We’ve been taking down every suggestion given to us in game and are beginning to add them to the server. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to use the suggestion section on the forums or our new #suggestions channel on discord. Thanks everyone and I’ll see you on the server!

Today I am proud to announce that we have advanced far enough along the development of Tribes to introduce it to everyone through an open beta. Let’s explain the steps that has led to today. As far back as December 2015, I began putting together ideas to help improve the faction gamemode and all the flaws that it had. With the release of Tribes, players will see features that remind you both of hardcore factions and the traditional factions game type. Along the way however, you will also see aspects of the server that are completely new and our own original ideas that we believe will create the overall best gameplay experience. We plan to continue adding to Tribes until we have designed our very own custom game type that is definitively better than any variant of factions there ever was.

We also have the plan of making Tribes community driven. In my experience, what truly makes any minecraft server great is the feeling of community. We care very much about our community, we would like to create a game type that is fair and gives the players something to call their own. Please if you find any problems or would like to suggest anything at all, feel free to contact us. We want to work with the community like no server has done before.

Beta Map Specs
The Tribes Open Beta will be releasing on March 25th, 2017 at 2PM EST.

Enchant Limits
- Armor: Protection 1, Unbreaking 3
- Sword: Sharpness 1, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3 (Fire Aspect 2: Crate Reward)
- Bow: Power 2, Unbreaking 3, Infinity 1 (Flame: Crate Reward)

Disabled Enchants
- Armor: Fire, Blast & Projectile Protections
- Sword: Knockback
- Bow: Punch

Allowed Potions

- Buff: Instant Health 2, Speed 2, Fire Resistance (extended)
- Debuff: Poison (not extended), Slowness (not extended)

Disabled Potions
- Buff: Regeneration, Strength, Invisibility
- Debuff: Instant Damage, Weakness

Alternatively anytime while on the server you can type /mapkit to view all enabled enchants/potions.

The map will start with a 2 day grace period. During this period, all explosions will be disabled. This allows no form of raiding. We highly suggest you protect your base within the grace period.

No requirements will be needed to participate in the Open Beta and to show our thanks for community input and participation, all players who join during the Beta will receive 3 lives for the official 1.0 release of Tribes (Map #1, not beta). If you wish to support the server monetarily during the beta, you can do so by purchasing lives as we currently do not have ranks for sale.

Because this update is quite large we have included a wiki page for players looking to understand how the server works. The wiki page can be found here http://bit.ly/tribeswikiAlso be sure to check out our FAQ post here http://bit.ly/2mqoqTp

- What is happening with Wrath?

Wrath is currently being overhauled and rebranded for Tribes. Tribes is an original gamemode being developed that will serve as the new and improved version of Factions.

- When is the server coming up?

Tribes open beta will begin on Saturday, March 25th at 2PM EST.

- Can I be unbanned?

The ban list has been cleared, all has been forgiven.

- How will I know how to play?

We have included a Wiki page which can be located http://bit.ly/tribeswiki. Expect a few video tutorials in the future.

- Will I have a hard time adjusting?

While tribes introduces new concepts we have tried to make things simple and easy to understand.

- What will happen to my donator rank?

There are no ranks on Tribes currently, but when they are added all donators from Wrath will be compensated.

- What version do I need?

We offer support for 1.7-1.11. Any future updates that are released we plan to add support for.

- What happens If I die too much?

Nothing. Tribes introduces a raiding system similar to tnt cannoning. Your base will be vulnerable at all times. When you die you will be deathbanned.

- How can I know what’s happening?

Be active on Tribes discord and website!

(Invite Link: https://discord.gg/AXXXyJu)